Service & Maintenance

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                                                                                                Service & Maintenance

                                                                                                ZJLY has the longest  historic  service & maintenance team among VOLVO CE dealers, which composed of Construction Machinery Service Dept, Road Machinery Service Dept,  Mining Machinery Service Dept, Parts Dept, 400 Call Center, Workshop and more than 20 service stations in Zhejiang. ZJLY equipped with workshop covering 4000m2, parts storage covering 1000 m2, more than 50 service vehicles and total sets of specialized tools and equipment.  ZJLY has about 200 service engineers with diploma, training background and certificated by the manufacturers. ZJLY applies advanced systems in service management, covering Service and Reception, Periodic Service, Technology Innovation, Customized Service, Maintenance, Reproduction, Parts Supply, Customer Training, Technology Consulting.  
                                                                                                Hotline: 4000-525-168

                                                                                                · China Final Champion of VOLVO MASTERS(Parts & Service)in Sep. 2008
                                                                                                · Asia Final Champion of VOLVO MASTERS(Parts & Service)in Nov. 2008 in Singapore
                                                                                                · Worldwide Final third one of VOLVO MASTERS(Parts & Service)in Mar. 2009 in Sweden
                                                                                                · Top 20 of China Construction Machinery Dealers in Service Capability Contest  in 2010
                                                                                                · Top 50 of China Construction Machinery Dealers in Service Capability Contest  in 2011
                                                                                                · Top 50 of China Construction Machinery Dealers in Service Capability Contest  in 2012
                                                                                                · The Best Service Team of VOLVO CE(China) in 2010
                                                                                                · The Outstanding Service Team of VOLVO CE(China) in 2012

                                                                                                Our Service Concept:
                                                                                                Enjoy service is one of our customer’s rights
                                                                                                The customer needs our service is to providing us Position and Opportunity
                                                                                                The result of the service is not only including quality, but also the Customer’s Satisfaction
                                                                                                Service is not only including Periodic Maintenance (Functional Satisfaction), but also to keep Customer Satisfaction (Emotion Satisfaction)
                                                                                                Service quality and satisfaction reflecting in the time, procedure, content and form with the customer

                                                                                                Our Customer Satisfaction Index:
                                                                                                Response Ratio: 100 per cent response in 15 minutes after receiving service order
                                                                                                On Time Ratio: 6 hours arriving jobsite opposite to underline fault , 24 hours arriving jobsite opposite to small fault
                                                                                                Repair Ratio: over 85 per cent recovery in 24 hours
                                                                                                Satisfaction Ratio: 100 per cent
                                                                                                Contact Ratio: every service station should attach 80 per cent in its territory

                                                                                                Customer Support Agreements offer service and maintenance for your Volvo machine providing maximum cost control and minimum downtime. It is a flexible solution to handle your demands for machine service ranging from regular inspections to complete repair, service and maintenance programs.
                                                                                                A Customer Support Agreement allows you to tailor the maintenance of your Volvo machine fleet to the specific needs of your operation at fixed costs. So, what are your needs?

                                                                                                The Gold Agreement – total repair and maintenance program
                                                                                                The Silver Agreement – repair on selected items and maintenance program

                                                                                                The Blue Agreement – maintenance program

                                                                                                The White Agreement – inspection program covering vital parts and functions
                                                                                                Each level offer inspections, the use of Genuine Volvo Parts and the expertise of Volvo Service Technicians. In short, everything needed to guarantee lower operating cost and higher resale value for your machine. Our flexible approach allows you to add specific services to your individual agreement.

                                                                                                Regardless of what your business looks like and how it changes over time, a Customer Support Agreement steers you clear from unplanned downtime and unexpected costs. We can help you achieve maximum productivity and profitability. Just tell us what you need. We will take care of the rest so you can have peace of mind.

                                                                                                • No machine is too old or too small
                                                                                                • No operation is too small or too big
                                                                                                Together, we tailor a service agreement that's just right for you

                                                                                                Hotline: 4000-525-168